The Photography Experience

What To Expect

Step 1

Finding Out Your Needs

  • Once you have made contact, I'll send you a Client Brief Form.
  • Every client has specific requirements so the Client Brief Form will cover all basic details for your shoot and help me to understand these needs.
  • Consultation: If your photography requirements are more involved, I offer a complementary consultation to discuss the photo shoot in more detail. This ensures that the images represent your brand accurately, are relevant to your target market and have the right vibe that you're after.
  • Once I understand your needs we will discuss pricing & amount of images you require.

Step 2


  • Next: Lock in dates, location, props and any other shoot requirements.
  • If you require a portrait we can lock in your hair + makeup if necessary.

Step 3

The Photo Shoot

  • I will touch base before the photo shoot to confirm final details.
  • The Shoot - This is where the magic happens!

Step 4

Edit + Image Delivery

  • If discussed in the initial consultation, I will send a preview of photographs via dropbox where you can select your images.
  • All photos need some level of post production. Keep in mind that some need more than others.
  • Once image selection is made, delivery of photos will take 1-2 weeks.
  • I'll send you a Dropbox link with all final images for you to download.
  • Enjoy!

Sent me an email here to get this process started!