"I anticipated feeling awkward, staged or uncomfortable (I tend to shy away from the camera). Instead I was pleasantly surprised to find that I felt totally at ease, comforted that Mel was discretely capturing the moments that felt natural and comfortable to me. 
I appreciated Mel's discretion and ability to be subtle as it was a workshop setting. The images from the event capture multiple facets of the moment at hand. They are dynamic and speak far more than I could have hoped for. I would recommend Mel in a heartbeat. She has a soft nature and certainly knows her way around a camera. This combo creates a comfortable working relationship and authentic and beautiful results."

- Steph Edmunds



"I love the images that Mel took which were great images of me but were also artistic and showed the detail of the space that I was in, such as the unusual architraves and background which added to the atmosphere of the shot and overall feel of the photo. Mel has a great eye for capturing these type of portrait shots!
Mel was able to quickly assess a great spot in my house to take the shots and guided me on how to hold my head and where to put my arms. I didn't have to worry about looking awkward or mechanical as Mel made me feel comfortable and relaxed and a sneak peek of the photos along the way made me feel that she was getting some great shots and she had it all under control."

- Tameeka Lynch


"Mel’s shots are beautiful and she has a great eye for detail that give the photos that little bit extra. She’s also a lovely person and is able to make her subject (in this case a first time model) feel comfortable and yet firmly directed. The shots she took were everything I asked for and more, as Mel is able to put her unique thoughtfulness into each shot, thinking of things I missed - exactly what you want from a photographer. She responded promptly to my enquiries and I received my photos only a short time after the shoot. I would totally recommend working with Mel next time you need a photographer!"

 - Janelle Duff



"Mel is such a lovely human to be involved with.  She had loads of ideas (I was excited by all of them) and I was able to work with her to ensure we worked on the photos that would be most useful to my business.  The aesthetic of the end product absolutely delighted me in how she represented my work through her art and the quality of the photos.  It was such a relaxed shoot, I'd love to do days of it!"

- Amalia Patourakis



"While running my own business I needed professional photo's to complete my website and create some marketing materials. Mel was great to work with through this process. I particularly appreciated the time she took to understand what I was trying to achieve and in so doing was able to provide me with some great photo's that have been used for so many different applications. Mel was professional and communicated well and I will work with her again when I need more photos!"

- Zac Pugh



"I have never felt comfortable in front of a camera and therefore don't enjoy having my photo taken. However, Mel made the process effortless and I was relaxed as she engaged me in conversation about interests of mine and things that genuinely make me happy. I soon forgot about the camera, and as a result my photo's look natural and I feel like they represent who I am as a person."

- Josh Van Zetten


"Mel is an extremely talented individual! She has a great eye for detail and creativity which makes her photographs so unique. I felt very comfortable in her hands and she gave me detailed direction, noticing all the small things to ensure my pictures came out perfectly. Overall, very, very impressed with her professionalism, photography skills and the general atmosphere she brings to a shoot. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

- Bronte Edumnds


"I am thrilled with all of the beautiful images and it is hard to choose a favourite, there are some that could easily grace the cover of a fashion magazine!! - I have quite a few that I feel are so hauntingly beautiful and I am excited to be able to use them for promotion of my dance school. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and stunning photos.

I appreciated and valued Mel's professionalism, experience and enthusiasm - and patience!"

Dance Pointe Tas